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Family seek injury compensation for flambé burns

A family who suffered burn injuries in an accident involving a flambé dish at a restaurant in Turkey is reportedly seeking personal injury compensation.

The couple had been on holiday in Marmaris to celebrate their wedding anniversary with their two daughters when the accident took place.

While visiting a local restaurant a waiter, who had been carrying a dish which is set on fire to cook and create a dramatic effect, squirted alcohol at the dish causing flames to shoot over the family.

The couple's 15-year-old daughter suffered minor burns to her forearm as she grabbed her two-year-old sister from her pram. However, both parents sustained severe burns to their head, chest and arms after being set alight in the incident.

As a result they were forced to spend a week in hospital and in total they spent five weeks in Turkey due to the injuries they suffered.

The family is now seeking personal injury compensation from the restaurant.


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