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Plymouth grandmother suffers head injury in bus accident

The close family of an 87-year-old woman from Plymouth who suffered head injuries in a bus accident may make a no win, no fee claim over the incident. Distressingly for the woman, her hair had to be cut off in order for her wounds to be treated.

The family say that they are angry with the attitude of the bus company following the accident and have already contacted a personal injury solicitor, with a no win, no fee claim over the incident now a distinct possibility.

The 87-year-old's son commented, "The way [the bus company] has dealt with this has left us the impression that they could not care less. We believe she deserves compensation for the injury and the trouble she has been through."

He added that his questions about the accident remain unanswered. "They would not tell me, he said. "They did not make any contact with her in hospital to find out how she was. I think they could have sent her a bunch of flowers, just as a gesture of good will."

Although not commenting on the possibility of an impending no win, no fee claim, the bus company did release a statement. It said, "Unfortunately following the incident, the name of the injured passenger was obtained but other relevant details were not. The reason for this was that a greater emphasis was being placed on the wellbeing of the injured passenger and treatment of her injuries.

"However, I can confirm that the required details have now been obtained and this incident is the subject of an investigation by our insurance company.

"It would be inappropriate to make any further comment other than to convey our best wishes to the injured passenger for a speedy and full recovery."


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