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Family wins injury claim 7 years after son's hypoxic birth

The NHS will pay almost £7 million to the family of a seven-year-old boy who requires lifelong care after suffering a hypoxic birth injury.

Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust admitted medical negligence after the boy was starved of oxygen during his delivery in 2004.

The High Court heard that he now has cerebral palsy and dystonia, and lacks the ability to sit or stand unaided.

He also suffers difficulties with speech and learning as a result of the birth accident.

The family's clinical negligence solicitor described their son as "a very bright, active child", but said caring for him placed considerable strain on his parents.

"The toll on mum and dad is a very heavy one," he said. "They had no choice but to move house because of his disabilities."

Judges described the birth injury compensation as Ďa tiny irrelevance' compared to the family's struggle to raise their boy.

"The parents have cared for this child with love and devotion over many years," said one. "At least the financial recompense is security for the future."

The hospital has agreed to pay £3.25m of the £6.94m offered as a lump sum, with the remainder to follow in yearly installments.

Besides compensating the parents for years of lost earnings, the birth injury claim will pay for the equipment, speech therapy, and care needed to support their son's continuing development.


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