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Accident compensation likely after fall from height

A contractor from Oldbury, near Birmingham, whose subcontractor roof worker suffered a severe fall from height injury after falling through the roof he was working on has been prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The 35-year-old worker from Wolverhampton fell 26 feet onto a concrete floor below; he broke a leg, ankle, wrist and his nose in the incident.

The roofing contractor was fined £3,500 and ordered to pay £1,408 in costs.

An HSE inspector said, "The equipment provided to these men and the system of work used was completely inadequate.

"The precautions taken to ensure their safety fell far short of what is acceptable.

"Working at height remains a major cause of death and injury at work in Great Britain. Employers must ensure the correct precautions are taken and the right equipment is used."

The contractor had been hired to repair roofs on an industrial estate and it emerged during the accident investigation that the worker who suffered fall from height injury had not been adequately trained. He is likely to be eligible to claim work accident compensation as a result.


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