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Bad road conditions in Essex result in injury claim rise

Essex County Council has been forced to pay out £4,395,144 in personal injury compensation in the last three years to pedestrians and motorists affected by the bad road conditions.

One claimant received more than £24,000 after being thrown off his bike when he rode over a pothole in Matching Green and sustained a shoulder injury. Another £23,000 was awarded to a pedestrian who tripped while crossing a road in Chelmsford.

Other compensation cases include a £18,300 payout to a resident who tripped on a sunken kerb-stone, while £17,510 was awarded to a pedestrian who slipped and injured their wrists.

As budgets are being cut and funding for road repairs reduced, councillors fear that injury claims for compensation are likely to rise.

Despite Essex County Council injecting £4 million and receiving an additional £5.3m from the Department of Transport to fix the potholes, motorists claim that the damage has already been done.

There is already a huge backlog of road repairs that have been ignored due to underinvestment which, in many residents' opinions, will result in an increase in claims for personal injury compensation.


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