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Two electricians left with severe facial burns

An electrical company has been fined after two employees suffered serious personal injuries in an accident at work.

The two men had been sent to a ferry terminal to replace a switchboard when the incident, which left them both with serious facial burns, took place.

A flash fire erupted as the electricians attempted to install a fuse and despite only lasting a few seconds it caused serious burn injuries due to the intense heat generated.

Both workers required hospital treatment and one of the men needed three months off work due to the severity of the burns sustained.

A Health and Safety Executive investigation into the work accident showed that the electricity supply had not been isolated, so that electricity was still running through the switchboard while the two employees worked on it.

Liverpool Magistrates' Court heard the owner of the electrical company admit to a breach of the Electricity at Work Regulation and fined him £8,000.

An inspector from the HSE speaking after the court hearing, stated that the accident at work could have been easily avoided had the necessary maintenance work been carried out in-between ferry sailings when the electricity could have been cut off.


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