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Dune death student's family unable to make compensation claim

The family of a student doctor from Derbyshire, who died in New Zealand as a result of crashing into the sea, after losing control while trying the extreme sport of sand boarding, is unlikely to be able to pursue a compensation claim against local authorities or tour operator who had organised the trip to the beach.

The 23-year-old man, who was on a degree placement away from his studies at Manchester University, came down a dune, 160 miles north of Auckland, known locally as Suicide Hill, in an uncontrolled slide until he crashed into the sea and lost consciousness.

He suffered a serious head injury and died nine days later from complications arising from the accident including pneumonia.

It was stated at an inquest that the student was with other more experienced sand boarders and had been told not to stray onto the dangerous dune but had not followed the instructions. His mother said he was not a daredevil, but young and na´ve.

She said she felt more needed to be done to make people aware of the dangers of the dunes, especially for those who might be at risk of incurring a holiday accident through ignorance.

Following the unusual personal injury accident, authorities in New Zealand have said they will examine how extreme sports are enjoyed and monitored in the country in a bid to reduce accidents and the potential for compensation claims from victims.


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