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Compensation for drill accident victim

A South Yorkshire joiner has agreed an out-of-court personal injury compensation settlement of £5,000 after a workplace accident with a drill left him requiring surgery and suffering permanent damage to his hand.

The 61-year-old carpenter had been asked by his employers, a national home building company, to assemble a staircase on a new housing development site.

However, it is reported that the worker expected the staircase to be of a different type to that which he found, and he alleges the cause of the accident was that he did not have the right tools and materials to carry out the job.

Whilst assembling the staircase the joiner claims the drill ran through a patch of soft wood into the palm of his left hand, damaging nerves and causing weeks of pain. He now has permanent loss of feeling in his little finger.

The construction company denied liability but offered the out-of-court settlement after the worker instructed personal injury solicitors.

The personal injury compensation lawyer said, "[My client] was in agony for weeks, and he still has persistent problems with his hand which mean he can't grip with full power. However, his accident could have been much worse."


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