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Personal injury case for Hull woman tripped by paving

A Hull woman is seeking personal injury compensation from the city council after tripping over a paving slab in October this year.

The 58-year-old grandmother is still wearing plaster casts and requires daily help from carers to dress, eat, and wash.

The accident took place close to her home on the Ings Road estate in the east of the city.

The injured woman claims her foot caught on a drain lid which had sunk four inches below the level of the pavement.

She fell forward onto her arms, breaking bones in both hands and fracturing her elbow, and spent the following two nights in hospital.

She said the accident had come as Ďa dreadful shock', and called on Hull Council to improve conditions on the estate.

"I've lived here since I was 12 and it was such a lovely estate," she told reporters. "Now it's rubbish.

"I'm hoping that by my taking legal action the council will wake up and do something to improve the area."

A council spokesman said the authority was sorry to hear about the accident, but could not comment further on a pending accident claim.

He invited Hull residents to report any defective pavements at the council's website.

"The council prioritises footpath and highway repairs according to the type of problem and how it affects the neighbourhood," he said.

The woman's personal injury solicitor said the firm was dealing with 80 similar claims in the Hull area alone.


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