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Fallen designer's £300k personal injury claim

A South Korean costume designer has lodged a personal injury claim against the National Film and Television School for damages exceeding £300,000.

The suit follows a fall from height injury she suffered whilst working on the set of a student film at the school in 2008.

The 37-year-old claims she fell three metres to the ground from the top of an unprotected set of stairs.

After climbing up to adjust an actor's trousers, she stood up and fell backwards off the balcony, sustaining a serious neck injury in the fall.

Left paralysed from the chest down, she currently suffers with muscle spasms and pain in her legs and back.

The designer, who trained in South Korea, said she had come to London to gain experience in her chosen field.

The writ prepared by her personal injury solicitor states that, as a consequence of the accident, her parents and sister have had to travel to the UK to care for her during her long periods of bed rest.

The writ also accuses the school of negligence, saying it failed to provide handrails, to warn her of the dangers or to provide a safe system of work.

If successful her personal injury claim will pay for her ongoing care needs, as well as funding the home alterations and specialist equipment she now needs.


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