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Appeal Court to rule on compensation for cycle accident

An injured cyclist's bid for car accident compensation is facing a new challenge in London's Appeal Court.

The wheelchair-bound 21-year-old, from Cullompton in Devon, was given the go-ahead to make a seven-figure compensation claim in March.

Judges ruled he was one-third responsible for the car crash, and therefore eligible for two-thirds of the damages.

Now insurers for the other party have challenged the ruling, insisting it goes against the weight of the expert evidence.

The cyclist, then aged 16 and living in Bristol, was hit by the car while "bunny hopping" from pavement to pavement because his rear light was not working.

He rode into the path of a 17-year-old motorist who was traveling five mph faster than the speed limit, giving him insufficient time to react safely.

The court ruled that the driver, then newly qualified, was most at fault for the road accident that followed.

Through his mother, the crash victim launched a car accident compensation claim to cover the enormous cost of the care and support he will always need.

Speaking outside court, the mother said her son's crash injuries were very severe. "He is aware of what's been taken away from him," she told reporters.

Now the car accident claim's success is resting in the hands of the Appeal Court judges, who have reserved their decision until a later date.


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