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Councils paying £1 million slip claim average

No win, no fee trip and slip claims have cost Essex County Council around £1.5 million in accident compensation over the past five years, according to a Freedom of Information Disclosure.

The figure is higher than the nationwide average of £1 million; this figure is for no win, no fee compensation before legal costs, so excludes personal injury solicitor fees.

According to the disclosure, when the figures for all UK councils are combined, the cost of trip and slip litigation reaches an astonishing £1.5 billion.

Worryingly, with huge budget cuts set to impact the quality of UK roads, footpaths and cycleways, many experts believe that the cost is set to rise, and dramatically.

A spokesperson from one no win, no fee firm comments, "With huge spending cuts on the horizon, which themselves will no doubt impact on highway repairs and improvements, this figure is only set to rise."


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