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Pupils receive more than £34k in compensation

It has been revealed through a Freedom of Information request that in the last three years Middlesbrough Borough Council has paid out more than £34,000 in compensation claims to children injured at the area's schools.

The council's figures reveal that from 2008 to 2011, seven personal injury compensation claims were made by the parents of children who have been injured at school.

The claims, which resulted in pay outs totalling £34,425.23, have all been settled outside of court.

Successful claims include a £11,000 payment to a child who was burnt by a hot drink, which fell from a teacher's desk, £4,250 was given to a student injured while practising cheerleading and a child whose fingers got trapped in a school gate received compensation of £3,750.

Other cases paid out were £3,500 for a child who injured her hand in a door, £5,667 after a pupil tripped on a damaged fence and £2,600 for a child who suffered a needlestick injury.

A PI solicitor, who acted for the family of the child who was scalded, said that the justified damages had been used to pay for the girl to receive private plastic surgery treatment to minimise her scars.

A Middlesbrough Council spokesman has stated that that the authority accepted that schools have a legal duty to care for pupils. He continued that all personal injury compensation claims had been legally settled.


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