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Council pays £45k compensation in school injury cases

A Lincolnshire borough council has come under fire after the bill for schools injury compensation topped £45,000 in three years, reports the Grimsby Telegraph.

Finance officers at North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) revealed they had paid £46,901 in respect of 12 personal injury compensation claims filed by staff, pupils, and others involved in the local school system between 2008 and 2010.

Half the accident claims were for a slip or trip on school property, while the remainder included trapped thumbs, falling objects and one fall from height injury.

Reporters learned that the same three year period saw another 13 personal injury accident claims, although none of these was successful.

"Compensation claims against the council are taken seriously and analysed in detail," said an NELC spokesperson.

"North East Lincolnshire Council will continue to do everything in its power to prevent accidents or injury to pupils, parents or staff at schools."

However, local residents have reacted strongly to the news that families are profiting by making personal injury claims against their schools.

"It's just an absolute joke and an utter waste of money," said one parent.

"Are these cases because of a genuine health and safety hazard? If so, and there were some recognised failings, then yes, it is right that some sort of compensation is paid – but only for serious cases where someone has broken a bone and not for just a bruised limb or split finger nail."

Such comments are being echoed up and down the country, as more local authorities' financial details are released and the true cost of schools injury compensation comes to light.


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