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British couple killed after roof collapses

Relatives of a British couple killed after a roof collapsed on top of them may make a compensation claim for the loss of their loved ones.

The expats, aged 63 and 64, were buried under rubble after a mudslide struck the house close to the mountain village of Rubite on Monday evening.

The couple had been watching TV in the living room when the roof suddenly came crashing in on top of the pair.

Friends of the British couple had been preparing a meal in the kitchen next door and avoided serious personal injury when the roof caved in.

Neighbours of the couple killed described them as "one of the best integrated British couples in the area."

Three days' mourning was observed by the village as a mark of respect for those killed in the mudslide.

Despite the efforts of emergency services, the couple were pronounced dead at the scene. It has not been reported whether any compensation claims have been made for the deceased expats.


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