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Company fined after two employees suffer fall injuries

A construction company has been fined after two employees suffered personal injuries in an accident at work.

The two men had been working on the roof of a school in Manchester when the incident took place in September 2011.

They had been part of a refurbishment project at the building and were investigating a leak on the roof, which stood three metres above the ground. However, whilst doing so one of the men leant on a handrail, which collapsed beneath him. The other worker attempted to grab his colleague but they both ended up falling onto a scaffolding platform that was one and a half metres below.

Both men suffered serious personal injuries in the accident, including fractured ribs, a twisted knee and bruises. Fortunately, they did not sustain any major injuries and were lucky not to fall directly onto any metal scaffolding poles that had been sticking out of the platform.

The construction company appeared at Trafford Magistrates Court where it was fined £6,500 as a result of the accident at work.


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