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Mum makes cerebral palsy clinical negligence claim

A mother, who is claiming clinical negligence at a maternity hospital caused her son to have disabling cerebral palsy, is suing the NHS for compensation to pay for the teenager's continuing care.

The Gloucestershire woman suggests the boy's brain injury was caused because midwives at Nuneaton Maternity Hospital failed to notice his abnormal heart beat and consultants did not arrange an immediate delivery with forceps.

He was not breathing when he was born but resuscitated then suffered fits while in the special care baby unit.

The 18-year-old student is unable to stand or walk without help, has problems with his sight and suffers from learning difficulties.

The family's personal injury solicitor said the aim of seeking compensation for the birth injury was to secure the future care needs of the young man.

His mother, who said her son's medical condition had taken a big toll on her family life, told local press, "I thought if it was found that there was sufficient medical evidence to support a claim for negligence then this would be the road I would pursue."


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