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Car crash victim lost an eye but did not lose hope

A car crash victim, who couldn't find paid work for ten years because of his personal injuries, has finally managed to start rebuilding his life after starting his own business.

Surviving on benefits while he searched for a job and looked after his two young sons, the man, now 44 years old, became a volunteer with Headway.

The charity supports people who have suffered head injury and the accident victim explained, "While doing that I realised how lucky I had been – there are people with conditions a lot worse than mine. This made me more determined to find a job."

Prior to his accident, the father of two had been a photographer, but in the road traffic accident he lost an eye and his head injuries meant that he began to suffer from epilepsy. As well as this, he explains, "my memory didn't work brilliantly," so he couldn't continue his career.

The breakthrough came when he was on a caravanning holiday at a music festival one summer with his family. He noticed what is called a "Romany" caravan, which is made of wood and has a bowtop. Upon seeing it he states in reports, "I immediately thought to myself, ‘Right, I'm going to make one of those'".

With practise, he became skilled at making the old-fashioned caravans and soon people were asking if they could buy or rent them from him. Realising how popular his creations were, he set up his own gypsy bowtop caravan business and now he rents them out to people.

"They are attracting a lot of interest" he said, adding, "Madness singer Suggs hired one, which has improved things."

After overcoming the life-changing injuries he sustained in the car crash, the caravan rental business-owner is pleased with his new way of life.
"I just keep on going. I'm finally back to standing on my own feet, and it feels really, really good."


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