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Scottish couple die after car crash into house

Scottish accident police are investigating the cause of a car crash which resulted in the deaths of a driver and his passenger after their vehicle went out of control and ploughed into the living room of a house in St Cyrus.

The occupants of the house were in a neighbouring coffee shop when the horrific accident happened in mid-afternoon and did not suffer any personal injury, although they may be able to claim compensation for the damage once liability has been established.

The black Vauxhall Insignia in which the dead couple were travelling was reported to have been involved in a road traffic accident with a Peugeot seconds before the crash into the house.

A witness said the car was going at a tremendous speed, weaving from side to side to avoid hitting parked cars and seemed to be out of control.

One theory about the background to the car crash is that the 59-year-old driver may have become ill before hitting the house.


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