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Car crash compensation possible for police officer

A police officer, who was involved in a collision in December 2010, could now make a car crash compensation claim.

The road traffic accident occurred on the A614 at Bainton in Yorkshire, and reportedly left the victim in need of counselling.

The officer had stopped a single-decker bus along a straight stretch of the highway after seeing the driver using a mobile phone while behind the wheel.

She parked her car at a safe distance from the back of the larger vehicle and had the emergency lights on to warn other traffic that her car was stationary.

A motorist failed to see the car's warning lights and hit the back of the police vehicle while the officer was still inside.

Not only did the force of the incident flip the moving car onto the roof of the officer's vehicle, but it also pushed the police vehicle into the back of the bus.

The officer suffered severe personal injury in the form of whiplash and bruising and stated, "I have nightmares and flashbacks.

"I have not been able to work and have lost all confidence in my driving ability."

The motorist liable for the crash admitted driving without due care and attention. Seven penalty points were added to his licence; he was fined £150, and ordered to may court costs of £40. Furthermore he had to pay a £15 victim's surcharge, the money from which goes towards improving the services available for victims of crimes.

The police officer may now choose to make a car crash compensation claim against the motorists for her pain, suffering and loss of earnings.


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