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Policeman can proceed with accident claim

A policeman from Greater Manchester has been given the green light to pursue a claim for car crash compensation for an incident that was caused by a high-speed pursuit.

The police officer suffered passenger injuries after the vehicle he was an occupant in collided with a stolen car. The car crash compensation claimant's colleague had successfully managed to corner the stolen vehicle, and the claimant himself had been about to step out of the car to make an arrest when the fugitive thief rammed the police car

Initially, the officer's attempts to secure car crash compensation had been turned down. However, London's High Court reached the following decision, "In my view the panel erred in law in concluding that the Volvo was not being used so as deliberately to inflict injury on the claimant.

"Although injuring the claimant was not his motive it was his intention.

"It seems to me, if a vehicle is used to ram another car for the purpose of causing so much damage to it as to disable it, that is not inconsistent with a finding that the car was being used as a weapon.


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