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Full appeal for tractor smash claim

A motorist who is seeking car crash compensation after being involved in a 2003 country lane road accident has been given the right to a full appeal hearing after a justice ruled that he might not be partially responsible for the incident.

The case arose after the appellant and his friend were "racing" down a country lane near Reading. The appellant's car, a Rover, was tailing his friend's car, a Vauxhall, when the Vauxhall collided with a tractor. A passenger in the Vauxhall received serious head injuries in the accident and is now seeking a seven-figure sum of car crash compensation.

A judge ruling on an earlier hearing of the case had stated that the appellant was partially responsible on the grounds that through "racing" with his friend "he exposed the occupants of his friend's car to the foreseeable risk of injury".

No date has been set for the car crash compensation claim full appeal hearing.


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