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Woman wins seven-figure claim

Car crash compensation has been paid to a woman who suffered a catastrophic injury as a result of a head-on collision with another driver on a road in Essex.

Personal injury solicitors representing the 48-year-old helped secure a seven-figure car crash compensation sum to provide for future care and adapted living requirements.

"The settlement figure is calculated according to our client's needs for the rest of her life," said the claimant's solicitor.

Adding, "We're glad the claim was agreed collaboratively and swiftly without the need for a trial, especially as many legal firms would have baulked at the case because of the unfortunate nature of the accident."

However, the woman's family have said that "no amount" of car crash compensation can ever truly reflect the trauma and impact caused by the road traffic accident, which happened as a result of a 76-year-old driver suffering a heart attack behind the wheel.

Despite not suffering any cognitive damage as a result of her injuries, the claimant is now in a wheelchair and requires 24-hour care.


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