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FSA to investigate early accident compensation settlements

Road safety charity Brake has expressed concern that some insurers are putting pressure on claimants to settle car crash claims early, before they have had the time to seek either medical advice of the advice of a qualified no win, no fee solicitor.

Jane Horton, a spokesperson with Brake, comments, "It's as if having been made a victim once… you're then being made a victim twice by being approached when you're not really equipped to deal with it."

However, insurers argue that it is the right way to handle car crash claims. "It is the right thing for insurers to be doing, rather than requiring claimants to drag them through the courts," comments Justin Jacobs, assistant director of motor insurance at the Association of British Insurers.

The Financial Services Authority has indicated that it will be looking to the car crash claim issue and will report its findings before the end of the year.


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