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Millions of motorists driving despite poor eyesight

Drivers across the country face having to make a car crash claim for an accident caused by a driver with poor eyesight.

According to a recent survey by a car insurance company, 7% of motorists who need to use contact lenses or glasses for driving do not wear them all of the time.

The report also states that of these drivers, 23% believed that their poor eyesight caused them problems sometimes when driving.

According to the law, you must be able to read an old style number plate from 20.5 metres or a new style number plate from 20 metres away on the day of your driving test. If you need glasses to do this on the day of your test, you will be required to wear them whenever driving.

According to the survey results, 9% of drivers couldn't read a number plate from this distance, rising to 18% of those aged over 55.

The law regarding eyesight is likely to be changed in the next few years to bring in compulsory sight tests for drivers every ten years.

In the meantime, car crash claims are still likely to be made for accidents caused by drivers with poor vision.


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