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Dog walker hit on zebra crossing receives payout

A 74-year-old woman will receive £2.7m compensation in an out-of-court settlement after a car accident occurred while she walked her dog.

The company director was hit by a Nissan car as she crossed a zebra crossing.

Her pelvis was fractured and the brain damage she suffered has left her with severe memory loss. She has had to stop working as a result of her injuries.

The Nissan driver's insurers agreed the seven figure settlement, but without admission of liability.

The driver contests that the dog walker "ran out" on to the crossing, but the car accident victim denies this strenuously.

The woman's husband said, "You can never draw a line under it because my wife can never regain her mental health. It's affected her memory and it's permanent."

The car accident victim commented, "I brought up six children and I used to be quite healthy and very active. But now I haven't been able to walk for some time."


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