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Car crash victim jailed for false compensation claim

A man from Milton Keynes was jailed this week for attempting to swindle millions of pounds in car accident compensation from the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB).

The 31-year-old suffered fractures and a minor head injury in a car crash that claimed the lives of two other people, but later lied about how badly he had been hurt.

He alleged the road traffic accident left him brain damaged and in need of a carer in a bid to secure personal injury compensation worth £2.3 million.

The high value of his compensation claim aroused suspicions at the MIB, and an investigation was launched.

At a High Court hearing, the Bureau's personal injury lawyers disputed the call centre worker's claim he had been left ‘mute and incoherent' after the crash.

They proved he had spoken coherently at a GP's surgery and in police interviews just days after the road accident had taken place.

Claims he needed a carer were also debunked.

Surveillance footage presented to the court showed the man working out in a gym, waving to friends, shopping and driving – all without any assistance.

A spokesman for the MIB legal team said the man's four-month jail term would send a clear warning to other dishonest injury claimants.

"This contempt of court action was absolutely vital," he told the Daily Mail.

"Now more than ever, the public purse must be protected against opportunistic and organised fraudsters. And this is what the courts have done."

Two other members of the claimant's family were judged to have acted unlawfully.

Both his sister and his foster-father received 14-day suspended sentences for their part in the dishonest car accident claim.


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