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Cut car accidents not safety budget says IAM

A motoring group has suggested that if cuts are made in road safety budgets because of the UK's economic difficulties, more car accidents, personal injury and deaths are likely to follow.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) says that every serious road traffic accident costs the economy £1.79m in health care, lost output, pain and suffering. This does not include any possible compensation payments made to victims of vehicles crashes.

The Deaths and Injuries on Britain's Roads report says that in 2009, the UK had the best road safety record in the world, having been fourth in 2008 and sixth in 2007.

Compared with Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Portugal, it has only half the road death rates of those countries.

The IAM says that if the current casualty-reduction targets are continued until 2020, a further 2,500 lives will have been saved and the economy will benefit by more than £4 billion.

IAM policy and research director Neil Grieg said, "These staggering figures prove conclusively that investing in saving lives on the roads saves the country money, so funding being taken away from this area is a false economy."

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