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Mercedes launches new braking bag on the ESF 2009

Car accident prevention has evolved considerably in the last few years, diminishing the effects of traffic collisions. Mercedes Benz is at the forefront of accident prevention and has several innovative designs which may be added to its new fleet of cars.

Among the latest safety features to be added to the ESF 2009 (a Mercedes S400 hybrid) are the braking bag, gas-fired metal guardrails in the side doors, an innovative safety seat which is open in the back, interior airbags to protect occupants in rollovers and a shoulder-strap belt bag for rear-seat passengers.

The most pioneering of its designs may be the braking bag which is an airbag for your car which inflates 80 to 100 milliseconds before collision to reduce the impact from a car crash.

Project manager for the ESF, Michael Fehring said, "The idea behind the braking bag is to decelerate [the car] faster than you can."

The braking bag is installed between the front axle carrier and the under body panelling. Just before the crash occurs, the bag, which is coated in rubber and steel for friction, inflates.

Not only does this slow the car down, but, at the same time, it lifts it by three inches, thereby reducing the effect normally associated with emergency braking. The vertical movement of the braking bag also moves the seats toward the occupants which allows the belt tensioners to grab tighter.

This revolutionary technology should help decrease the severity of car accident injuries and could have as much of an impact on car safety as the internal air bag has had.


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