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Taxi driver sentenced for dangerous driving

A taxi driver who drove recklessly and risked passenger injury to five school-aged children has been jailed for six months by a judge at Peterborough Magistrates' Court. Although the 33-year-old did not cause a car accident, the judge said that the gravity of his driving offences left him with little option but to order a custodial sentence.

The court heard how the taxi driver was taking the children from their school in Peterborough to the village of Elton when he ignored the warning lights at a level crossing, overtaking another vehicle and shooting under the barriers, perhaps only narrowly avoiding a fatal car accident.

During their interview with police, the children, all aged under 10, recounted how they felt "dizzy, scared and terrified" that a car accident might occur.

Ignoring the pleas of the defendant's solicitor, the judge ordered a six-month prison sentence, saying, "You were a taxi driver and the safety of your passengers should have been your primary consideration. You had five young children in your car and as a result of your driving, they were put under considerable fear and distress."

It is not known whether any no win, no fee PTSD claims will follow the sentencing.


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