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Car accident as vehicle hits lamp post at 60 to 80mph

A young motorist on the A500 northbound carriageway near Stoke-on-Trent, who suffered personal injury in a car accident after tailgating and speeding, has now been charged with a motoring offence.

The young man, who was training to be a mechanic, was described by a witness as driving past their vehicle at 100mph. The court prosecutor said that it was more likely that the speeding motorist was travelling at somewhere between 60 to 80mph, having first told police that he was driving at 60, and then changing his story stating "80mph tops". Nevertheless, this speed was dangerous due to the wet condition of the 50mph limit road at the time.

The driver was closely following another vehicle, and, although it was suggested that the two motorists were racing one another, reportedly the prosecutor said that this did not seem the case, however "it was clear [the driver] was following very closely behind, perhaps anxious to overtake".

The road traffic accident took place as the driver in front of the tailgating motorist spun out of control and hit fencing on the side of the road. Subsequently the young man following tried to take evasive action, also losing control of his vehicle and hitting a lamp post in the central reservation.

The car caught fire, but both the driver and his passenger managed to climb out of the wrecked vehicle. The 20-year-old suffered six broken ribs as well as cuts and bruises.

Injuries to his passenger or the other driver are not mentioned, but the trainee mechanic has been left with permanent disability after the incident.

He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and was banned from driving for a year, ordered to pay a fine of £300, given six penalty points on his licence, and received a community order of 140 hours of unpaid work. When his driving ban ends, he will have to take an extended driving test.

The judge described the incident as "a daft piece of driving which could easily have resulted in a fatality," and now that the motorist has been found liable, others injured in the car crash might make compensation claims for their personal injuries.


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