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Cat injured in car accident on a UK roundabout

A cat injured in a car accident near Gloucester, UK, has been rescued by a vet and is being treated for its injuries.

The female cat was found by the vet's son on a roundabout and taken to the nearby surgery. She had suffered head injuries and a fractured jaw in the collision.

The cat was wearing a pink collar with diamante studs and is believed to be about three years old. Her owner had not placed an identification tag on her and she was not micro-chipped.

The vet said the case had been serious and such road accident injury cases were unusual. However, the cat was recovering well after treatment.

The vet hopes to locate the cat's owners and has appealed for them to come forward in an appeal published in the local newspaper.

It is unlikely that the cost of any car accident compensation can be recovered because no-one knows who injured the cat. Black and white in colour, the cat hurt in the car accident is being treated from a charity fund.


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