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Lawyer secures claim for journalist

A former journalist and history teacher has been awarded a seven-figure sum of compensation for a car accident which left him with devastating brain injuries.

Six years ago, the 34-year-old was crossing a road near Belfast when he was struck by a car. However, as it was confirmed by witnesses that the man was using his mobile telephone to send text messages as he crossed the road, he will not be receiving a 100% compensation settlement for the car accident.

Despite this, the man will receive a £1.25 million settlement, which will help provide for a specially adapted home and 24-hour home nursing care.

Before the incident, the claimant was a highly intelligent man who could speak four languages; he is now unable to speak and relies on the use of a wheelchair.

His no win, no fee solicitor commented, "But for the compensation claim the outlook for [the claimant's] family was very bleak."

"It now allows them to purchase a proper car to transport him and a proper house, given that he needs 24-hour care to give him some quality of life."

"The important thing for the family, and it has taken a lot of effort to get to this point, is that they are now able to pay for the things that are important now and in the future, particularly the medical care."

Initially, the defendant motor insurer had denied any liability for the claim; it has now accepted that it must deliver a car accident payout.


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