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Car accident compensation appeal for witnesses

A mother who is desperate to mount a claim for car accident compensation for her teenage son has appealed for witnesses to the incident.

Her son was knocked down by a yellow Fiat Punto outside his school in South Yorkshire. At impact the boy was thrown into the air, landing on the pavement nearby. He suffered a badly broken leg and severe brain injury.

The boy is now mentally impaired, unable to walk properly and has permanent visual damage to his left eye.

The boy and his mother have attempted to make a claim for car accident compensation, but as the exact circumstances surrounding the road traffic accident are unclear this has so far not been possible. They are now appealing for anyone who knows anything about the accident to come forward.

The family's personal injury solicitor added, "We desperately need anyone who witnessed the incident to get in touch so we can help Kevin and his family secure the compensation to which they are entitled, which will help them begin to rebuild their lives."


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