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Blue light police crash inquiry underway

Drivers of a Volkswagen Polo may make a car accident claim against two police officers whose car crashed into theirs on Scotland's busiest motorway.

The police car, which had its blue lights on, collided with the Polo on the M8 near Bishopton at around 3:30am.

Both officers suffered minor injuries in the car crash and were taken to Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital for treatment but were later released after treatment.

The driver of the Polo was also discharged from hospital after no serious injuries were found.

Following the accident, the road was closed for about six hours, causing major disruption on city roads during the morning rush hour.

Although the police car was not responding to an emergency call, its blue lights were flashing and Police are currently investigating the reason for this.

It has not yet been reported if the Polo driver is likely to make a car accident claim for the crash.


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