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Writer's bid for injury compensation is unsuccessful

An 82-year-old writer of children's stories has lost her bus accident claim after a judge hearing the case at Manchester Civil Justice Centre ruled that there could be no finding of negligence on the part of the bus driver.

The writer, formerly a midwife, had made her bus accident claim against the bus company because she believed that the driver had braked suddenly without good reason.

Although the judge said that he believed the claim had been made in good faith and that the woman's injuries, which included a fractured finger, were real and verifiable, he agreed with the driver's defence and applauded him for giving evidence "clearly and frankly".

The driver's evidence included the following account: "I was only doing around 5mph when the guy stepped out from behind some public toilets, right in front of me. I did a full emergency stop, there was a minor collision, and he rolled over two or three times, then got up and dusted himself off. He opened my door, popped his head inside and said `Sorry mate' then went on his way."

Media reports do not indicate whether the claimant made her bus accident claim with the assistance of a no win, no fee solicitor or whether she represented herself in court.

She later told press that her claim "was never about the money, it was about justice".


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