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Woman compensated for Australian boat crash

The family of an MP from Australia has ended a long-running legal battle by agreeing to pay $250,000 (£160,000) in accident compensation to a boat crash victim.

The son of the MP had been drunk when he crashed his father's boat into a pylon near the South of Perth Yacht Club on the Canning River.

Unfortunately, the incident left a 19-year-old girl with severe personal injuries after she struck the boat's dashboard and windscreen when it crashed.

She suffered a broken ankle, pelvis, vertebrae and jaw, a shattered larynx, and had to be placed in a coma.

The driver was later ordered to pay out $230,000 (around £146,640) to the injury victim by the District Court but stated he did not have the money and would declare himself bankrupt. However, his family has since agreed to pay the compensation costs in an out-of-court settlement.

The injured teenager accepted the offer of $250,000 in accident compensation from the family and is now relieved that the trial is over and that she can move on with her life.


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