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Mechanic wins damages for blinding accident

A mechanic who sued his former employer for £100,000 work accident compensation has won his fight for damages.

The 26-year-old was blinded in one eye following an accident at work in Seafield, Edinburgh.

The Court of Session in Edinburgh heard he was struck in the eye by a piece of metal whilst trying to remove the camshaft from a Trident bus.

Emergency surgery failed to restore his sight, and doctors say it will not improve in the future.

The man had not been wearing protective goggles as the storeroom where they were kept was closed, the court was told.

His personal injury lawyers argued the goggles were not routinely worn by workers, and said guidance requiring their use was not produced until four days after the workplace accident.

Since his injury, the man has suffered bouts of depression as he struggles to come to terms with his blindness, the court heard. He recently decided to emigrate to Australia, and has found work there as a diesel fitter.

The bus company settled his work accident claim this month with an undisclosed payout.


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