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Bin man hurt in car accident

A refuse collector injured in a car accident may be able to make a personal injury claim after being crushed between two vehicles.

According to press reports, it is understood the man was hurt when a blue Jaguar car lost its grip on ice and skidded into the bin man on a road at Hersham, Surrey.

The injured man worked for a firm contracted by a local council to collect refuse and clean roads.

An eyewitness at the scene said, "His leg injuries were really bad."

The man was working at the time and it was reported that the car had slipped on black ice and crushed him between the Jaguar and a parked vehicle.

An air ambulance was called to the scene to assist land-based paramedics. The man was treated at the scene and carried to a nearby hospital by land ambulance.

The road was closed for three hours while the incident was investigated by police. It is not known if the man plans to make a personal injury claim as a result of the car accident.


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