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Elderly woman faces anxious wait for settlement

An 84-year-old woman is facing frustration and uncertainty after a leading insurance company ruled out paying her the asbestos compensation she was awarded in a court ruling.

The asbestos compensation settlement, calculated at £160,000, was made to the woman in recognition of the fact that she had lost her daughter, 56 at the time, to mesothelioma. The deceased woman's employers admitted that she suffered asbestos exposure while working as a seamstress in their factory and even provided the name of their insurer.

However, the insurance company now say they cannot find the documentation necessary to support this assertion and, as a result, are refusing to pay out.

The claimant said that her claim is not financially motivated, "I'm not worried about the money - I would rather have my daughter back but I might have to go into a nursing home now there is no one to look after me. I'm blind and disabled so the money could pay for that. I'd give a lot away to charity though as well."

The woman's personal injury solicitor commented that he might now have to take the asbestos compensation claim to the High Court in London.


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