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Asbestos claim risk after illegal dumping

Hundreds of people make asbestos claims each year because their health has suffered as a result of working with the substance and some of these may be workers who have disposed of the insulating material.

The latest incident of illegal dumping of asbestos was on a South Cambridgeshire bridleway but the identities of those who left the dangerous waste are not yet known.

A member of the South Cambridgeshire District Council said, "If your rubbish is not appropriate for kerbside collection, make sure it is disposed of correctly."

The sheets and blocks of asbestos were cleared away by environmental officers, who are likely to have had to take precautions against the risks of working with the material, such as asbestos lung cancer, by wearing protective clothing.

This news comes just a few days after a 66 year old women and her son, who ran a car disposal and skip hire company, were ordered to pay £7,750 by Exeter Crown Court after being found guilty of telling workers to dump asbestos in the ground to cut down on the costs of disposing of it in the correct manner.

An Environment Agency investigator called the crime "irresponsible" and added, "In behaving in this reckless manner they ignored the concerns of their employees and put human health and the environment at risk."

If any of the individuals employed by the company develop asbestosis in the future, they may be entitled to make an asbestos claim for their pain and suffering and loss of earnings.


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