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Man wins £160,000 compensation after park fall

A man who lost his leg after falling into a hole in a London park said he was happy to have won £160,000 injury compensation, but added, "I would rather have my leg back".

The 67-year-old fell whilst out dog-walking in Barnes, fracturing his leg in three places.

Surgeons inserted a metal plate to repair the damage but later realized it had broken, causing an infection.

After three years the leg still had not healed and the hospital decided to amputate.

The former-window cleaner said coping with a personal injury had been ‘traumatic' for him and his wife.

"It's been going on for five and a half years and we'd just had enough," he said. "As you get older there's only so much you can stand with the stress."

"Money doesn't compensate for the trauma we've been through but we want it to finish so we can get on with our lives."

He told reporters that Richmond Council received a number of complaints about the holes prior to his accident, but had failed to act on them.

The council's legal team denied its client's responsibility for causing the man's injuries, but a judge at the Mayor and City of London Court ruled against them.

The council was granted permission to appeal the court's decision on the injury claim, but declined, citing interests of other local taxpayers as the reason for not pursuing the matter further in the courts.

"Based on legal advice, we considered that an unsuccessful appeal could add significant extra costs to this already long and complex case," said a council spokesperson.

"With that in mind, we decided to negotiate a settlement out of court to bring an end to the matter."

Personal injury compensation amounting to £160,000 was settled by both parties earlier this month.


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