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Personal injury lawyer in US malpractice claim

A car accident victim in the US is suing her personal injury lawyer alleging that mistakes made by the lawyer's firm left her unable to make a successful claim for compensation.

The woman suffered severe personal injuries in a road traffic collision and is now wheelchair reliant.

However, she says that the law firm she instructed to represent her in her claim for compensation failed to investigate fully some of the circumstances surrounding the head-on car crash, including a legal claim against the state of California relating to the stretch of road on which the accident took place.

Now, as deadlines to file a claim against the state have passed, the injury victim has launched a legal malpractice lawsuit in which she claims that her personal injury case was not conducted correctly and that all work was carried out by employees described as either "negotiator" or "pre-litigation assistants".

The suit claims that the personal injury lawyer's firm told the accident victim she would receive no more than $15,000 (about £9,400) in settlement from the other driver's insurer.

Her malpractice lawyers suggest she should have received a seven-figure sum for her personal injuries.

The firm denies the malpractice claims.


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