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Airline promises accident compensation

Family of those killed when a Russian airliner crashed on Sunday have been promised accident compensation.

Aeroflot, the company at the heart of Russia's worst plane crash since 2006, has said that it will pay out accident compensation of up to £50,000 for each person lost.

Around 20 foreigners, including one American and several people from western European countries, were thought to be onboard when the place crashed just outside the Ural Mountains. It is not thought that any UK citizens were among dead.

One witness reported, "It was burning while still in the sky and it looked like a falling comet."

General Gennady Troshev, a close ally of prime minister Vladimir Putin, was also on the plane.

As yet there is no confirmation as to whether the affected families will be accepting the accident compensation offer. It is possible that some may decline the payout and instead claim compensation through a personal injury solicitor.


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