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Incendiary effigy sparks bonfire claim

A Sussex woman who suffered a fractured skull and a brain injury during an event staged to celebrate Bonfire Night has employed the services of an accident compensation solicitor in order to claim compensation for her injuries.

Although a health and safety investigation conducted by council representatives is still ongoing, witness reports indicate that the woman may have been injured by debris sent flying from an exploding effigy. The accident left the woman needing emergency neurological surgery.

The claimant's accident compensation solicitor has urged anyone who witnessed the incident to step forward. He said, "This was a very significant injury and she is still receiving medical treatment a year on. She is not fully back to her pre-accident lifestyle and she has not yet resumed work full-time. There must have been people who observed the incident itself from the many spectators there that evening and I'm appealing to those people to please contact me."

The accident compensation solicitor firm said in a statement that the bonfire event organisers deny liability for the personal injury claim.


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