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Accident compensation claims narrowly avoided

Nationwide snow and ice has caused various accidents including car and bus crashes; also many broken bones and limb sprains have presented in A&E departments as a result of slips and trips on icy paths.

Claiming accident compensation for most of the incidents will be difficult, if not impossible, but for passengers on a Ryanair plane landing at Prestwick Airport, their ice-accident may have been compensable if any of the travellers had been badly hurt.

The Boeing 737 from Dublin had touched down safely, but ice on the runway caused the plane to slide uncontrollably off the end of the airstrip leaving it to come to rest on nearby grass.

Luckily, none of the 129 passengers were injured, but emergency services were called to the stranded plane.

Unlike other travellers through the freezing conditions these passengers will thankfully not need to make a claim for accident compensation, but personal injury solicitors are sure to see a spike in claims related to the dangerous conditions across the country.


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