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Crash statistics affected by your surname

Avoiding having to make an accident compensation claim could be as easy as deciding who to put on your car insurance.

According to a survey by a leading car insurance company, drivers with certain surnames are more likely to be involved in car accidents.

Motorists with the name Clark were 10% more likely than the average driver to have claimed for an accident.

Surnames which also featured high in the accident-claim list were Allen and Lewis, while the drivers least likely to make a car accident claim were called Roberts, Hall and Davies.

Managing director of the insurance company which conducted the survey said, "Although the survey is a bit of fun, there are obvious differences in the accident rates of some surnames compared with others."

"However, we know not every Clark will be a risky driver, and not every Roberts will be a safe driver and it's not something we rate our policies on."

While it may not directly affect your car insurance premiums, it may be worth considering the surname of any additional drivers before adding them to your car insurance policy and allowing them to drive your car.


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