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Midwife seeks compensation for home visit accident

A midwife is making an accident claim against a Yorkshire couple after she tripped while on a home visit.

The couple, who had brought their newborn twins home from hospital only the day before, say they could not believe it when they received the accident claim notice from the midwife's personal injury solicitor.

The notice said: "You were at fault because you failed to keep traffic routes free of hazards, in particular the stairs; and you are under a duty pursuant to The Occupiers Act 1957 to provide a safe place of work for persons invited on to your premises. The main injuries suffered by my client were a back injury. As a result of your negligence and/or breach of statutory duty my client sustained injuries and suffered loss and damage."

The new father, a 34-year-old company director, told a local newspaper he was surprised to receive the notice. "After speaking to my wife, she [the midwife] was leaving and realised she had forgotten her bag, so she went back upstairs and came rushing back down. As she passed the buggy she stumbled slightly. She certainly didn't fall or look like anything bad had happened. Everything was normal and she seemed fine. She said she would see us on the following Thursday for our next check up. I didn't think anything of it at all. The next we heard from her was in the letter from her solicitors. We couldn't believe it."

The couple denies liability for the accident claim and are said to be defending the claim with assistance of their insurer.


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