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Back injury claim settled

Accident at work compensation has been awarded to a 43-year-old Wrexham man who suffered a succession of disabling back injuries while working for a leading packaging firm.

Ultimately, the injuries meant that the claimant had to be medically retired from his job as his spine now has long-term and degenerative damage.

"This has had a massive effect on my life. I can't walk, stand up, or sit down for too long, otherwise I am in agony," he commented. "I used to be a keen golfer but I don't dare pick up a golf club now for fear of what could happen. I am now effectively housebound and my quality of life has gone downhill since developing back pain. Had it not been for the accidents I would have stayed in work as long as my back would have allowed me to. I had always planned on working up to retirement age."

His accident at work compensation claim was made with the assistance of a personal injury solicitor, as well as the man's union, UNITE.

Speaking after the accident at work compensation had been awarded a spokesperson from UNITE commented, "Manual handling injuries can result in a number of different conditions which canů have the potential to leave someone permanently disabled and out of work. "We are pleased we have been able to help [the claimant] receive compensation for his hardship."

The settlement is understood to be worth a five-figure sum.


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