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Car crash survivor awarded £3.5million

An aspiring racing driver whose dreams of the circuit were dashed in a car crash was given a compensation payout of £3.5 million this month.

The accident occurred when the claimant's car was hit by a teenage driver of a Mercedes, who had only recently passed his driving test. This crash left the claimant with skull fractures, severe neurological impairment and traumatic memory loss.

Despite much improvement in recent years, he remains unable to hold a driving licence and his communication and memory are both damaged, meaning he can never take up his dream of professional hot rod racing, a sport in which he had already won amateur medals.

The teenager's insurance company admitted liability for the car crash and the resulting injury to the claimant, whose personal injury claim solicitor has now stated that the family now wished to be "left to get on with their lives after such a long drawn-out case". The man's parents have expressed a desire for high-performance cars to be unavailable to people who have recently passed their driving test in the UK.

The injured man's passenger was also hurt in the car crash, receiving a whiplash neck injury.


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